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Tuesday 16 February 2010 - 18:07:15

In January of 2010 there took place a very important event: GoL Counselor Helen Kovalenko became a confirmed member of ULC. It happened right on Ukrainian Christmas that is January 7th.
Here is what Helen has to share about her confirmation:

Born Again

I have a thin tiny book in my hands. It is the “Small Catechism of Martin Luther”. I am very excited about it. Now I definitely know that every word of this small, deep, concise book is penetrated with God’s grace and love.

It's hard to believe, now, that a year ago - when I became familiar with this book - it didn't make a big impression on me. Last year Pastor Oleh Yukhymenko started to lead me, like a blind kitten,through the pages of the Catechism. In a kind and patient way he explained the meaning of each sacred word to me. I was learning not only God’s truth but also about myself. This book did not seem to be small to me anymore; it started as a streamlet, and broadened into be a river which smoothly led me into the ocean called the Bible. It was Pastor Victor Pashchenko who then led me through the waves of this ocean. Then came the day when Pastor Victor said that I should become a confirmed member of the church. I fully understand that I have just slightly touched God’s truth and need much more study to deepen my understanding of God’s Word.

My confirmation took place on a very important Christian holiday – Christmas. For the first time I communed in the presence of the church congregation. I was very excited. The body and blood of Christ was as fire inside of me. In a moment the awareness of my sins forgiven lifted a weight from my shoulders. When the service was over church members started to congratulate me one by one. I felt as if I was born again.

GoL Counselor
Helen Kovalenko
Sevastopol, 2010

One more happy event took place in January of 2010: students that have been attending Deacon courses for nearly 2 years finally got their Certificates. GoL counselors Anna Kuchma and Svitlana Leshchenko were among the lucky ones as well as life-center volunteers Emiliya Zintchenko and Victoria Suhotska.Congratulations!!!
Deacon Courses Certificates

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