Material Aid

Donations of new/used clothing, footwear and hygiene products are gathered and shipped from the United States to Ukraine by Thoughts of Faith. Gift of Life distributes the aid to needy people in Ukraine through the Lutheran Church congregations, counseling centers and other reliable institutions.


Gift of Life sends material aid to Ukrainian Lutheran Church (ULC), who then distributes it to the needy in their communities (boarding schools, elderly homes). Distribution of aid is accompanied by a ULC Pastor, deacon, seminary student or evangelist. God's word always accompanies material aid distribution.

Baby and maternity clothing are given to pregnant women to help them and to show them Christian care. Gift of Life (GoL) also assists these women by supplying them with prenatal vitamins. 
LC counselor giving material aid to a pregnant woman.

The ULC emphasizes that we believe people become Lutheran Christians by grace through faith as the Holy Spirit works in them.

We hope that people will find out more about God's love, His care for us and His sacrifice in Jesus Christ.