Clinic on Wheels

The medical bus is staffed by physicians and technicians. They provide professional examination and diagnosis using EKG, diabetic/hemoglobin blood testing, urinalysis, vision/hearing screening and spirometry for testing lung function. Heath assessments, education information, vitamins and supplies are all provided free of charge.

Professional medical examination

Hearing screening

Dentists and technicians staff the dental bus providing professional examination, fluoride treatments, extractions, treatment of cavities, and some endodontic procedures. 

Professional dental check-up

Computers are used to register patients, collect data, generate weekly reports and keep track of inventory.
After a patient is examined, the individual is given medical reference and diagnosis determined in compliance with the X International Disease Classification, and doctor recommendations. Patients with serious illnesses are referred to major medical centers.

Gift of life (GoL) has assisted children in particular and made medical care accessible for local populations promoting health education assisting grown-ups and realizing their responsibility for maintaining good health in their children.

GoL brings American medical and dental professionals to Ukraine to provide continuing education for its Ukrainian staff.

Data is collected for research and statistic purposes.

On average 20-25 patients per day (predominately disabled, orphans and indigent are received in each clinic). Usually more than 13 different places are visited by MCOW during each traveling season, and more than 4000 patients received in each bus during a year.

Kids waiting for MCOW help at Cerebral Palsy School.

MCOW is visiting and helping many people from Ukrainian villages