Shipping directly to Ukraine

Material Aid sent via Meest Karpaty Shipping Company

1. Use standard size shipping boxes.
2. Mail to Meest Karpaty

2235 West Chicago Avenue

Chicago, Illinois 60622

***UPS ground delivery to Meest reliable and least expensive way to mail.

3. Prepare a letter (see example for SEA shipment) that includes your billing details. Insert letter into envelope and tape the envelope securely to the box being shipped by UPS to Meest. A 20# box costs approximately $5-8.00 to mail by UPS to Meest. Meest will send you an invoice for payment, which can be used for tax purposes.

Cost to ship from Meest in Chicago to Gift of Life Ternopil Ukraine:

SEA - minimum weight/box: 12 #'s and maximum 110 #'s (8-9 weeks to receive)

SEA:$ 1.29 per pound
$ 10.00 per box delivery fee
$ 4.00 per box service fee
Total $

AIR - minimum weight/box is 11 #'s and maximum 110 #'s (2 weeks to receive)

AIR:$ 2.89 per pound
$15.00 delivery fee per box
$ 4.00 service fee per box
Total: $

Most boxes shipped are 20# approximately $40.00/box by SEA and $75.00+ by AIR with additional UPS charge $45.00 by Sea and $80.00 by Air.

*** The most cost effective way to ship to Ukraine is by SEA

If you want to ship to Ukraine by SEA please click here

If you want to ship to Ukraine by AIR please click here