Counseling Centers

Gift of Life (GoL) has four pro-life counseling centers in Ukraine. They are located in the cities of Ternopil, Kremenets and two in Kyiv Left Bank Life Center and Right Bank Life Center. Four female counselors are working in our life-centers.

GoL Life Centers OFFER:

Free pregnancy testing and individual counseling for pregnant women (particularly clients going through a crisis pregnancy)

Presentations and group counseling sessions for different age groups on the basis of scientifically proven facts about life before birth using slides, DVD presentations, brochures and other resources.

Human Life is a Miracle (presentation about the first nine months of development of the preborn child in the womb using photos by Lennart Nillson and ultrasound images of unborn baby on different stages of development.

Abortions (presentations about the types of abortions and their consequences using video-materials and facts from real life)

True Love Waits (presentation devoted to sexual education of teenagers using video-materials, interactive communication, trainings, etc.)

Sex has a price tag (presentation about sexually transmitted diseases) 
Reproductive Health (RH) of Youth (influence of smoking, alcohol, sexually transmitted diseases on RH)

GoL INVITES everybody to our Life Centers to attend:

- School of Motherhood

- Exercise Classes for pregnant women

- School of Father (supporting your partner while delivering a baby)

- School of Family

Classes conducted by GoL counselors INCLUDE:
- Psychological and physiological aspects of pregnancy and childbirth. Post-natal recovery

- Baby care

- Ecological breast-feeding

- Natural methods of family planning (sympto-thermal method)

- Presentation of Biblical aspects of marriage

In addition, individual counseling is offered to women suffering from Post Abortion Syndrome (PAS). Since abortion is one of the most prevalent forms of birth control in Ukraine, it is nearly impossible to say for sure how many women suffer from PAS.

Our programs, aimed at developing of responsible attitude towards parenting, are very popular. 

We will be happy to help you. Call us or come to our Life Centers.

All our services are FREE OF CHARGE.

School of Motherhood

Centers provide information for women who need social assistance, referrals for legal advice and other professional help.

Bible classes are conducted every week at the centers by a Ukrainian Lutheran Church pastor. 

Bible Study at Life Center

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