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Alina's Introduction to Life Center Work

Alina Taranenko used to work at Gift of Life as a translator more than 15 years ago. Then she got inspired by the pro-life work Gift of Life does and became a mother of the two beautiful girls. Since then Alina has been working as the English teacher and has been a good friend to GoL and a devoted member of the Ukrainian Lutheran church. Recently Alina got interested in the work GoL does in the pro-life area and got familiar more deeply with what our pro-life counselors do. Here is what Alina had to share after visiting our 4 prolife- centers:

"I just want to share my impressions and a great experience I got in Gift of Life centers.

grand_grandmother_at_the_rblc.jpgAt the RBLC,
Here is humanitarian aid for
a young mother given through
her grandmother. That's right -
this is a great grandmother
in the photo.
A woman with 3 children was
provided assistance too.

There were 2 women from the organization which helps mothers in crisis situation and finds social dwelling for them. They were given clothes and books.

alina_and_tree_of_life_1.jpgIt was a great pleasure to meet counselor Svitlana from the LBLC, Kyiv. Her instructions were clear and purposeful.

The young lady is the one we met at the meeting with AbAnon director (Abortion Anonymous). She's going to move to Ternopil and start working with this organization.

The office in Kremenets is fantastic.  Pleasant people - counselor Nina as well as psychologist from the college and volunteer Svitlana.

Nice displays. A great variety of materials for different cases. A lot to learn in using all the instruments to drive people in correct direction.

The last life-center I visited was the one in Ternopil. I started from attending School of Father and a few group counseling sessions. I met counselor Nadiya and volunteer Khrystyna (professional physical exercise teacher).

It was real practical training for me. I wish I had such lessons when I was pregnant. Thank you for the opportunity to visit all the places. Alina”.

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