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Don’t Kill the Family!

Yet from the ancient times Ukraine has been always famous for the true family virtues. Family has always been above and beyond anything else. Some time ago no one could even think of a family different than “the union of a man and a woman”. Although now immoral, unchristian world and fashion to something “untraditional”, “different” and strange way of “self-fulfillment” has also influenced our Ukraine. The idea of making homosexual marriages legitimate is discussed on all levels. But the majority of Ukrainians are absolutely against it. That’s why Ukrainians showed their protest in many public events and meetings protecting family and children’s rights. For the moment Family Festival in Kyiv became the last bead in the chain of family events. It took place on June 4 which is the All-Ukrainian Day of children’s and family rights protection.

Gift of Life counselors of Kyiv pro-life centers Svitlana Leshchenko and Anna Kuchma happily presented the work of Gift of Life in terms of protection of family and life before birth.

Counselors of all our pro-life centers have been actively participating in this important all-Ukrainian process since the beginning of the year.

Thus, on May 22 similar Family Festival took place in Ternopil. Nadiya Khominska, our pro-life counselor from Ternopil with the three volunteers participated in the event.

In Kyiv on April 20 there took place a public march called “Don’t Kill the Family”. It was aimed at protection of a family as the union of a man and woman. Gift of Life was represented by Svitlana Leshchenko.

In Ivano-Frankivsk on March 23 there took place a public march called “For Family and Family Virtues”. Gift of Life was represented by Nina Andreychuk, our pro-life counselor from Kremenets with a volunteer and also Gift of Life driver Vasyl Mazurok.

On February 29 one of our Kyiv counselors Svitlana Leshchenko was invited to the Light Radio Station “Emmanuel” where for 45 minutes she was giving a live interview about pro-life of Gift Life all over Ukraine.

On February 26 and 27 all the Gift of Life counselors took part in the Family Forum in Kyiv initiated by the organization “Ukraine is for Family”.

Due to the similar meetings and events our counselors realize how important the work of the fund is that they have been doing for more than 20 years and now they got even more inspiration and reinforcement. Sincere gratitude is sent to the sponsors due to whose help this work becomes real!

Gift of Life manager Nadiya Khodzinska

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