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Our summer 2015

We at Gift of Life can say that our summer season is over. Today, August 7th, is the last work day for most of the personell as tomorrow the annual monthly vacation begins. Everyone has been helping a number of the other people daily so now we are ready to spend time with our own families, get rested and inspired to continue this blessed work, Lord willing, for another year.

Patients at the Medical Clinic on Wheels

This summer was very special and rich in events for the entire country of Ukraine, therefore for Gift of Life too. Even though the headquarters of Gift of Life is in the Western Ukraine which is far from the war actions, our Medical Clinic on Wheels continues to travel to different regions helping the refugees, military families, poverty stricken population which unfortunately increased in numbers, and just the needy.

Dr.Laryssa and Dr.Oxana with the patients from one family: the widow of
a military man with her four children (8, 6, 4 and 2 year olds)
Our counselors in their locations meet more and more clients from all over Ukraine including the suffering Eastern regions. It happens quite often that a pregnant woman comes for a consult in tears on one hand wanting a baby, on the other hand being afraid as she is the refugee herself looking for a shelter and either her husband is in the war or her father or brother. It is so emotional to see when the only thing the little children pray for is the peace. They don't ask for candies or new toys but want their fathers to be back from the war or their mothers stop crying or have a new home where there are no bombs in the sky. Then our counselors at the pro-life centers or deacons/deaconesses at the clinic explain that our loving Father will provide EVERYTHING we need.
Deaconess Halya with the military family at MCOWDeaconess Lyudmyla sharing God's Word at MCOW

Gift of Life personell leaves for vacation but the good news is that the Holy Spirit never has one :) and the sown seeds will continue to grow through!

Please keep Ukraine in your prayers.

GoL manager,
Nadiya Khodzinska
Ternopil, Ukraine

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