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Celebration of Mothers' Day 2015

Mother’s day is celebrated in Ukraine, as well as in the USA and many other countries, on the second Sunday of May. This year the holiday fell on the 10th of May. Of course, our pro-life counselors could not omit such an important event. Some organized a holiday for their mother-clients and children at their office, some helped their congregation to conduct a holiday at the church and some participated in public celebrations.

Gift of Life Kyiv counselors Anna Kuchma and Svitlana Leshchenko participated in the Mother’s Day festival which took place in one of the city parks near the famous place in Kyiv - Taras Shevchenko’s monument.

There they worked together with their pro-life colleagues from the Charitable Fund “All-Ukrainian line of help for pregnant in crisis”. Both weather and nice location of the desk with promotional materials were favorable for successful flow of the event. Many pregnant women and young families got interested in Gift of Life programs.

The summary can be made by the words from a famous song:

“May there always be the sun,
May there always be the sky,
May there always be a mother,
May there always be I”

Gift of Life manager
Nadiya Khodzinska

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