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How You Began

Do you know how you began? When exactly does human life begin?

As a pro-life counselor I often ask these important questions when giving presentations, speaking at group meetings, providing individual counseling and especially when working with crisis pregnancy cases. When invited to conduct meetings with schoolchildren and university students the topic of these meetings often is The Healthy Way of Life. I always start from the beginning that being the story of the miraculous development of a yet unborn baby. Gift of Life has very interesting materials, films and models which help me make these meetings bright and unforgettable. These days it has become easy and pleasant for me to retell the story of a human being from conception to birth - this miracle of God. Having the opportunity to share the Good News with the confidence that each of us (from the very beginning) is a unique and blessed child of God; makes me happy.
Good cooperation with educational and medical institutions, social services and civil organizations extends the margins of our pro-life activity. For example, in Kyiv at the end of April 2008, Gift of Life was invited to take part in a series of lectures for senior schoolchildren. The lectures were devoted to the formation of a positive family model and preservation of reproductive health. Students from neighboring villages came to attend the lecture which I conducted. At first these quite ordinary boys and girls (aged 14-15 years) thought they would not be told anything new or interesting and seemed bored. They did not imagine that life before birth may be so gripping! Noise in the classroom calmed down with the first minutes of the film about the child's development inside of the mother. The fetal models which illustrate this development drew the biggest object of interest. Everybody wanted to touch these small babies. These teenagers (and it was a real miracle), seemed changed after touching those small babies and wanted to share these new impressions and thoughts with their friends. They began to realize that each of them is a person from the very beginning; that everyone is unique and created as a beloved child of God. I brought the pins of a baby's Precious Feet with me and the students received these small symbols of uniqueness and the value of a human life as a memento. I prayed that I not only provided them with new information about biological development, but also helped them to understand that human life begins from conception and that a human being is a human being from the very beginning and should be protected from abortion. It seems to me that this information can also have a big impact on the preservation of the reproductive health and healthy way of life and am blessed to have the opportunity to do so. 


Do you know how you began and when exactly human life begins? If not, maybe it is time to get interested; if yes, then maybe our heavenly Father wants you to share that with others who do not know.

By Gift of Life counselor
Anna Kuchma

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