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American Vice-Consul Visits MCOW

Medical Clinic on Wheels (MCOW) has been functioning in Ukraine for more than 18 years. It visited a lot of places and received thousands of patients all over Ukraine. But for the first time in its history MCOW was visited by the representatives of US Embassy in Ukraine.
American Consul Group Photo
(In the photo MCOW team with consular people: Vice-Consul David Allen in the middle, his assistant Julia the first one from the right).

Vice-Consul David Allen and his assistant Julia were pleasantly surprised with what they saw at the Clinic. They visited MCOW when the buses were located in Terebovlya (small town in Ternopil region) examining patients from the local School for Deaf.
Terebovlya School for Deaf

David Allen was very excited since he did not expect to see anything like that. He asked a lot of questions, was interested to know when and how MCOW began to function, how many patients it receives every day, who they are, what treatment and information is provided to the patients, how much time clinics spend on the road, etc.     

David Allen is getting acquainted with a patient’s card filled by each person going to the doctor.

David Allen thanked MCOW staff for their important work and help provided to the needy people of Ukraine. MCOW personnel remained very happy too because they were privileged with a visit of such honorable guests.
Consul in a Medical Bus

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