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Strange Village or More Adventures for Medical Clinic on Wheels

Among the vast territories of Kherson steppes one can find the village of Dyvne (Strange village). In the fall of 2009 GoL Medical Clinic on Wheels worked there for the first time. This village is called Strange either because it has unusual history or because it has some uncommon geographical peculiarities – no one can say it for sure.

On the request of local agricultural company “Ukraine-Dyvne” MCOW worked in the Strange village from August 31 to September 12. People there are not spoiled by civilization and modern conveniences. Some people have already forgotten about doctors’ existence. That is why it was really pleasant to see more and more people coming to get medical help.
Strange Village People Waiting to Get their Help at Mcow
Villagers wanted to share their painful problems, their secrets and inner thoughts or anything else that had bothered them during a long period of time. Workers of the Medical Clinic on Wheels tried to improve both mental and physical health of locals.
Dental Nurse Teaching how to Clean Teeth
Let’s hope that the grain of healthy way of life, healthy nutrition, prevention of problems and Christian attitude to one another was sown in each soul.
Deaconess Lyudmyla Improving Spiritual Health of Strange Village  People
People became to be more friendly and kind; it was even noticed by the Director of Agricultural Company: “In the past people were stealing everything and anything they saw. After your visit they began to bring their own spare parts from homes to use for the machines.” We think that it is true. MCOW work and help provided to the villagers witnessed of God’s blessing and His care. People began to look at things from a different, Christian, point of view; they began to see the blessings they have been always getting from God due to His great love.

We are very thankful to the administration of “Ukraine-Dyvne” Company for deep understanding of our needs and their warm attitude. Due to the mutual understanding MCOW was provided everything needed to fulfill the work. There was purchased and installed boiler and shower box at the village medical unit where MCOW staff had their lodging. There was also purchased and installed a special water pump to provide running water for MCOW buses. Money for that was donated by American sponsors who cooperate with the local Agricultural Company.

Having in mind those temporary blessings which both village and MCOW people got we should be always thankful to God and praise Him for His blessings in Jesus Christ.
By ULC Deaconess Lyudmyla Voichunas and MCOW Head Physician Dr.Laryssa Chorna

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