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Medical Clinic on Wheels is Coming to Help the Needy!

Summer has just begun but Medical Clinic on Wheels has already visited a lot of institutions in different towns and villages of Ternopil region: village of Hnylytsi, Terebovlya School for children with vision problems, Terebovlya School for deaf children, Koropets Orphanage, etc.
In some places people have known our Medical Clinic on Wheels for many years. People know what kind of help they can get at MCOW and are looking forward to its visit. New places consider MCOW to be something unexpected and unique since there is no any other mobile clinic in all over Ukraine like ours! All our visitors are satisfied with MCOW since they are getting medical and dental aid free of charge, they are getting some cute presents, much useful advice, and moreover they are enriching their spiritual world.

By the end of the year this unique center of spiritual and physical health will visit a lot of remote places in Ukraine. Thank you is sent to all the sponsors who make it happen.

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