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Ukraine is Trying to Think Pro-Life

In March 2012 Ukrainian deputy Andriy Shkil (Tymoshenko party) submitted the draft of anti-abortion law to the Ukrainian Parliament. Since then both opponents and supporters of abortions became very active. Some experts think that prohibition of abortion would be a big step forward and it would help Ukrainian society. Some experts think that it will not help Ukraine at all; moreover it would increase the number of illegal abortions. It is a known fact that Ukrainian women can have an abortion at the clinic the day when they apply for it or simply order abortion pills online. The cost of abortion varies from about $75 to $190 depending on the type of abortion, term of pregnancy, etc. Women usually blame anyone and anything for the pro-abortion decision they were pushed to make – society they life in, money problems, unprofessional doctors, bad husbands or partners. Millions of abortions were made in Ukraine since its independency. GoL counselors know about this tremendous problem from their own experience and they cannot stay indifferent. Thousands and thousands of women were counseled by them and thousands, not afraid to use a word millions, of unborn babies were saved. GoL counselors teach about the value of human life from the moment of conception, help women to realize that the pro-abortion reasons they have are false, that God loves everyone and each life is precious.
In order to convey this truth and promote our pro-life position recently GoL counselors have participated in several meetings and conferences. In April our Kyiv Left-Bank Life-Center counselor Svitlana Leshchenko took part in the International conference that was held in Bosnia. About 50 female doctors from Ukraine (most of them have or had pro-abortion attitude) participated in this conference on the topic Human Life is the Biggest Mystery of Our Creator. This trip was very symbolical because it was held during the time of Ukrainian Easter which helped the participants to think about a child as a God’s gift.
From left to right:
Organizer of the trip Genya Samborska and GoL Counselor Svitlana Leshchenko

All the expenses were covered by a sponsor from Great Britain who decided to remain incognito. It was only the first trip to Bosnia. This year it is planned that there will be 10 more trips so that all Ukrainian doctors-gynecologists can save unborn babies and protect Ukrainian women from abortions.

Another April pro-life conference was held in Ternopil, the city of GoL headquarters.

Our Kremenets Life-Center counselor Nina Andreychuk and Ternopil Life-Center counselor Nadiya Khominska attended the conference together with the representatives of other local public or religious pro-life organizations and governmental officials where they talked about life from conception to birth, abortions, history of anti-abortion movement; reasons for abortions, abortion industry in Ukraine and who is interested in abortions; post-abortion syndrome; legal protection of right to life from the moment of conception to the natural death.

We really hope that the planted seeds will grow through and give Christian fruits.

GoL Manager
Nadiya Khodzinska

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