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Do Good!

Real spring has come to Ukraine and Medical Clinic on Wheels opened its’ traveling season. Ternopil Special School was the first place to visit in 2010. The School is called Special because children with special needs study there and they need a special approach.
Special School - the First Place Visited in 2010
This special approach can be expressed only by two short words: “Tvorit Dobro!” which means “Do Good!” Everybody at the School knows it very well because it is their motto (written in blue above the main entrance to the school)

Do Good

These words are very familiar to Gift of Life. Gift of Life was created specifically to do good to Ukrainian people. ULC (Ukrainian Lutheran Church) Deaconess Lyudmyla who travels with the clinics has been always following this principle. Doing good is impossible without sincere smile…
Everybody Knows ULC Deaconess Lyudmyla

“The Life of Jesus Christ” books are given to the patients. Jesus Christ by His own deeds showed the best example of how to do good to people. Deaconees Lyudmyla always tells about it to MCOW patients taking care of their spiritual health.
Life of Jesus Christ Books
MCOW doctors also do good to the patients taking care of their physical health.
At the Doctor - Blood Test

They always do it with warm attitude and special care as if it is their child.
At  the Doctor - EKG
With this wonderful Thank You letter Ternopil Special School expressed its’ gratitude to GoL Clinic on Wheels “For the medical aid provided with special tactfulness and high professionalism”. A very big THANK YOU is sent to GoL administration and sponsors who cultivate the good things provided to Ukrainian people in need.
Thank You Letter from Ternopi Special School

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