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Save a Life

Kyiv citizens are exhausted by long and difficult winter known for its’ flu quarantines and severe temperatures. It seems that people are weak and completely indifferent to everything. Although not everybody is “cold-blooded” – there are people who cannot keep silent and maintain aloofness when in Kyiv - according to the official statistics - there are two abortions for each birth!

Actors, musicians, journalists, students, teachers, psychologists, doctors - God gathered all of them at the Polytechnical University of Kyiv - one of the biggest universities in Ukraine. About 300 students accepted the offer of the Social Service of the University and stayed after the classes  in order to attend “Save a Life” show. The students got the opportunity to think over their present concerns – relations with a person of opposite sex, unplanned pregnancy, sin of abortion, beauty of life and importance of being with God.
Save a Life 1

Due to the huge experience in the pro-life field Gift of Life counselors and volunteers were invited to participate in the show.
Save a Life 2

GoL counselor Svitlana Leshchenko provided the information about the value and sanctity of human life beginning from conception. (In the photo Svitlana Leshchenko and showman Eugene Pyankov).

Save a Life 3

Students and teachers crowded near GoL materials reading information from a hand made  poster, touching fetal models, asking questions and picking up the flyers with GoL contact numbers.

Save a Life 4

The speech of counselor Svitlana as well as GoL materials were shown on the news at two different Ukrainian TV channels (“City” and “1+1”).

Save a Life 5

Songs of these young but very gifted musicians from Rivne City cannot leave you indifferent. They sing about the life of youth, necessity of  God’s presence in our lives, about unborn girl who asks her mother to give her a life…

Save a Life 6

This role play conducted by young actors demonstrates a life situation where a young girl tells her boyfriend about her unplanned pregnancy…

Save a Life 7

The brightest pro-life witnessing was provided by GoL volunteer Victoria and little girl Bohdanka. Victoria had to make a very difficult choice twice in her life. She saved the lives of her children and will be always thankful to God for them. Bohdanka is  a nice and sweet 5 years old girl. Although five years ago she was a “material” left after abortion made on the fifth month of pregnancy. Due to the God’s mercy this girl survived, now she has a wonderful Christian family. (In the photo from left to right: adopting mother of little girl Bohdanka, GoL volunteer Victoria holding Bohdanka, GoL counselors Svitlana Leshchenko and Anna Kuchma).

Students’ Council and Social Service of the University are very interested in the future cooperation with GoL. Due to the “Save a Life” show number of clients in Kyiv GoL life-centers has sharply increased. Gift of Life is always happy to bring God’s Word and provide aid to the people in crisis and need.

GoL Counselor Anna Kuchma
Kyiv, April 2010

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