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Adventures and Advantages

During the summer months the Medical Clinic on Wheels travels throughout Ukraine providing medical and dental assistance to disadvantaged children in summer camps and to villagers in more remote agricultural settings. This year was no exception. With the economic crisis many summer camps were unable to survive and those that did had more children than they could comfortably accommodate. The children did not mind the cramped living quarters as it is the only type of recreational experience they receive throughout the year. Most live in orphanages or schools the remainder of the year. 

This is how a regular children‘s summer camp looks in Ukraine. Usually children live in small wooden houses (from 10 to 15 beds in each house). The shower, toilet and canteen are outside the houses located in different places on the grounds.

Children Summer Camp in Zbarazh, Ternopil Region, Ukraine

Ukrainian children are used to such conditions and have lots of fun. The opportunities to make friends, enjoy social activities and learn new things are more important to them.  And – each received medical and dental aid at the Medical Clinic on Wheels (pictured in the background). Isn’t that adventure combined with advantage?! 

Adventure Combined with Advantage

Football Players Zbarazh Summer Camp 2009

Ukrainian Lutheran Church Deaconess, Lyudmyla, took every opportunity to gather the children to hear God’s word and learn how precious each of us is to our Creator.

Each of Us is Precious to Our Creator

Touch of Life Fetal Models

These young girls were fascinated with the Touch of Life fetal models learning How We BEGAN!

God has His plan of salvation for me! (It’s written on the sign the girl has in her hands). More adventure and the blessed advantage of hearing the saving message!

God Has His Plan of Salvation for Each of Us

A camp in Dolyna, Ivano-Frankivsk Region, housed 320 children at a time. Every three weeks 320 children arrived while the others left.  Additionally, local doctors brought the neediest children from neighboring impairment schools to the clinics. Whew!  MCOW staff was so busy they had time for only one group photo with their hosts. This was MCOW’s last stop prior to the traditional month long holiday in August. They were ready for a well deserved rest.

MCOW team with the Director of Summer Camp in Dolyna (second from right in the second row,) and three camp counselors (first, second and third from left in the second row).

Children Summer Camp in Dolyna, Ivano-Frankivsk Region, 2009.jpg

The Medical Clinic on Wheels has started its’ second traveling season. September is usually the busiest month of the year. It is the first month of the fall - time when schools begin and people are back to work after their vacations. We’ll be looking forward to hearing from them soon… more adventures! 

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