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Children's Day in Ukraine

Children make a separate part of society who have their own rules of behavior and view on life which provide their development and turning into adults. Due to their special state, children need a special approach, social protection and respect of their rights.

In 2014 the whole world celebrated the 25th anniversary of the Convention on the Rights of the Child. Since 1989 November 20 has been known as the Universal Children’s Day. Gift of Life Kremenets counselor Nina Andreychuk knows these facts very well therefore quite frequently the topic of her presentations for children is “The Alphabet of Your Rights”.  The counselor informs that children are sufficient members of society and they have many rights as the adults do and even more – they have their own special rights: a right to game, a right to family education, a right to communication with their mates. Such presentations are made for the LC clients as well as for the students of the Ukrainian Lutheran Church Sunday school.

It became a tradition for Ukraine to celebrate children’s day on June 1. This day is known as the International Day for Protection of Children. Devoted to this famous in Ukraine event at the Kremenets pro-life center there took place a special children’s holiday with all the traditional attributes: smiles, gifts, balloons and sweets.

Recently Ukraine also celebrated national costumes’ day therefore the style of the holiday was exclusively Ukrainian. In order to make every little participant happy our counselor decided to use a lottery as the gifts distribution method. No one felt offended: every child got a gift due to the chosen number.

The holiday became even more interesting because of the special guest: a 17 year old artist Tetyana presented her Ukrainian style handmade works for the first time for such a big audience.
Gift of Life manager
Nadiya Khodzinska

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Celebration of Mothers' Day 2015

Mother’s day is celebrated in Ukraine, as well as in the USA and many other countries, on the second Sunday of May. This year the holiday fell on the 10th of May. Of course, our pro-life counselors could not omit such an important event. Some organized a holiday for their mother-clients and children at their office, some helped their congregation to conduct a holiday at the church and some participated in public celebrations.

Gift of Life Kyiv counselors Anna Kuchma and Svitlana Leshchenko participated in the Mother’s Day festival which took place in one of the city parks near the famous place in Kyiv - Taras Shevchenko’s monument.

There they worked together with their pro-life colleagues from the Charitable Fund “All-Ukrainian line of help for pregnant in crisis”. Both weather and nice location of the desk with promotional materials were favorable for successful flow of the event. Many pregnant women and young families got interested in Gift of Life programs.

The summary can be made by the words from a famous song:

“May there always be the sun,
May there always be the sky,
May there always be a mother,
May there always be I”

Gift of Life manager
Nadiya Khodzinska

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Prayer for Ukraine


With the initiative of public youth organization “Youth Choir Society” in 2006 there was held the first international festival of spiritual songs called Kremenets Choir Evenings Ave Maria. This year the festival in Kremenets was special as it was its’ 10-th anniversary plus its’ topic was “Prayer for Ukraine”. On May 10th when Ukraine celebrated Mother’s Day, one of the festival participants – Drohobych governmental music college Choir named after Barvinskyi - visited Lord’s Cross congregation of the Ukrainian Lutheran Church in Kremenets. At first Choir representatives attended the liturgy and then listened to and applauded to ULC Sunday School students who greeted the congregation on Mother’s Day with their poems and songs. In their turn, the Choir presented the beautiful songs of Ukrainian and foreign authors. The holiday was very pleasant and friendly.

Nina Andreychuk,
Gift of Life pro-life counselor
Kremenets, Ukraine

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New Year, New Records and New Clients

Greetings in the New 2015 year!

Now Ukrainians are not wishing one another a happy year but they wish a peaceful year which in their understanding includes happiness and any other blessings.

2014 was a very difficult year for Ukraine and Ukrainians therefore Gift of Life help was needed probably more than ever in the new millennium. In 2014 GoL Medical Clinic on Wheels visited 15 different places and had over 11,000 visits which was a new record. Among those visiting the clinics were Tatar refugees from Crimea, regular refugees from the Eastern regions of the country and lately, soldiers on leave and their families. That is a new category of patients for MCOW which GoL is happy to provide help to. Even though our clinics are not physically located on the territory of war action, they are able to help the people involved at its regular headquarters in Ternopil region.
Military men and their families visiting MCOW in Ternopil

Due to generous donations from the United States and now from Ukraine too - we can afford helping adults as well as children. Thank you to all the GoL donors!

While the clinics provide physical help to poverty stricken and needy Ukrainians, GoL pro-life centers faced with a big need for psychological and spiritual support to refugee women from the east of Ukraine as well as local female population whose husbands, sons, fathers are gone for months as involved in the war action while they are home pregnant or left alone with the small kids.

So let’s pray together for a blessed and peaceful year for Ukraine and its people. Your mutual support will assist in overcoming the challenges in 2015!

GoL manager
Nadiya Khodzinska

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More Sun, Flowers and Peace!

Dear friends!
Gift of Life clinics and life-centers will be closed for vacation from August 9th through September 7th. It is time to get inspiration for those who usually make others inspired :)
We wish you more sunshine, flowers and peace in Ukraine and anywhere else!

Handwork and crafts at MCOW

A flower hand made out of the saved babies' pictures. LBLC, Kyiv.

More sun and smiles from MCOW visitors

Gift of Life team

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