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Shoe Box Gifts

It’s always so great to see the smiling faces and happy eyes of children who receive some presents. Thankfully to the coordinator of the national leadership team (NLT) "Samaritan's Purse" Sergei Kachan, our Gift of Life counseling centers managed to receive gifts for our crisis and needy clients and their children. For the first time Ukraine learned about "Samaritan's Purse" in 1995. Since then, more than 5 million Ukrainian children received the gifts from "Samaritan's Purse". This year the kids of our crisis clients also became the lucky ones to get the shoe box gifts. Our consultants already gave some gifts out which was a pleasant surprise and will give out more at Easter time (this year Ukraine celebrates Ester in May). Thank you very much to Sergei Kachan for this wonderful opportunity.


national leadership team   time ukraine   needy clients   smiling faces   ukrainian children   
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Good People Do Exist

Charity is some real help of one person or a group of people. Charity is when you provide some material or financial help or some other kind of help and don’t expect anything instead.
Of course, we help people. But there are also people who help us. First of all we have the major sponsors in the United States who make it possible for our fund to exist. It is very pleasant that there appear more and more small sponsors here in Ukraine who surprise us with their kindness and generosity.
This time we want to thank Sergiy Savchyshyn for helping our "Medical Clinic on Wheels" (MCOW). Let's start with the fact that Sergiy always finds time to help MCOW with computer software free of charge. He lives near the clinics and can see the huge number of people who receive the free aid. Recently we asked him to improve patient registration program, because it was very slow and has been taking too much time. Sergiy came but could not help the problem as the laptops were too old to allow the necessary improvements. Instead he donated a brand new laptop and a router and improved the program.
Being asked, why he made such a generous gesture and continues to help for free, Sergiy said, "I want to make a small input into your great job." These generous gifts made the work of the clinics better! So we all want to thank Sergiy for his time, kindness and efforts.



generous gesture   necessary improvements   patient registration   generous gifts   registration program   
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Interesting meetings

Gift of Life Centers offer not only programs, presentations, consultations, but also interesting meetings for pregnant women. Recently, practicing pediatrician, Doctor Olga Dutchak and practicing obstetrician Nadia Shchyrba visited our Ternopil Life Center. Both those meetings took place as a part of “School of Motherhood” program for pregnant women. Our clients had a great chance not only to listen to the lectures on baby care and vaccines, but also get the answers to all questions they had. We express our gratitude to Olga Dutchak and Nadia Shchyrba for their help.


pediatrician   pregnant women   baby care   motherhood   vaccines   
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Breastfeeding is the Way to Improve

I'll feed you with mother's milk,
For you, my child, to grow up healthy,
In which you'll find a source of strength,
As well as mothers true love.

Olena Shlemkevych


Motherhood is an unbelievable feeling. Every young mother wants to give her child all the best. One of the list of "all the best" is certainly breastfeeding. Worldwide, about 90% of mothers of newly born children begin breastfeeding their babies, but only a few keep doing it up to 6 months and the amount of those who keep breastfeeding their children up to 2 years is even smaller.
Breastfeeding is not only about feeding the baby. It's the way of upbringing, a style of parental care and usage of the unique qualities of woman's body, a gift of the Creator. Close contact directly after birth of a child contributes to the rise of affection and love between mother and child and its continuing growth.
There are classes for pregnant women called "School of Motherhood". One of the topics is "breastfeeding". There is also a group support of breastfeeding created for mothers. Mothers are invited to classes to share the experience of breastfeeding.
Breastfeeding is mentioned in the Bible. In particular, in “Exodus” you can find a story about Pharaoh’s daughter who found a 3 month baby boy (Moses) in the basket among the reeds. She found the baby’s mother and told her: “Take this baby and nurse him for me, and I will pay…” (Exodus 2:9) In the picture - Angelina is going to celebrate her second birthday soon, but she is so happy about having close emotional contact with her mother…

Nina Andreychuk
Pro-life conselor
Ternopil, Ukraine

second birthday   group support   young mother   mother and child   close contact   
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Preparing for the Birth of Babies

February 20, 2013 Ternopil Gift of Life Center held classes on the topic “Baby Care” based on the “School of Motherhood” program for pregnant women. The women listened to a lecture and watched video films about babies’ behavior. They were also taught how to feed, swaddle and wash the baby in order to be “perfect moms”. Medical worker, Mrs. Olga  (a representative of the Huggies manufacturer of disposable diapers) was invited to attend the class and shared practical advice on newborn care, gave the women disposable diapers and a “Handbook for Expectant Mothers"useful for future moms.


Nadiya Khominska
Pro-life counselor
Ternopil, Ukraine

disposable diapers   medical worker   video films   newborn care   huggies   
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