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GoL Counselors

Dear friends,
You have already met 5 people of our support staff and it’s time to represent you another five very important people in ICF “Gift of Life” – the GoL pro-life counselors. You have seen them on some pictures and read their articles. Over the years thousands of babies were saved through their persistent work - giving presentations, speaking at group meetings, providing individual counseling and especially when working with crisis pregnancy clients. Here are our heroines:

Anna Kuchma (Kyiv Right Bank Life-Center counselor)
born  April 22, 1970 in Kyiv, single;

graduated Kyiv Medical College #1 in 1989 as a nurse.
Began work with "Lutherans for Life" in 1994 becoming a certified RB pro-life counselor in 2000.
2010 became a certified Deaconess with Ukrainian Lutheran Church.

Svitlana Leshchenko (Kyiv Left Bank Life-Center counselor)
born April 1, 1950;

married, three daughters;
graduated from Kolomyia Medical School (Ivano-Frankivsk district) in 1970, receiving a diploma in obstetrics and gynecology.
1981 graduated from Kyiv Medical University (doctor-hygienist and epidemiology doctor).
Worked as epidemiology doctor for 20 years. - Began work as a counselor with GoL in 2000.

Nadiya Khominska (Ternopil Life-Center counselor)
born October 23, 1949;
married, one son.
1994 began working as a counselor for of “Lutherans for Life”  (being the first employee in Ukraine).
1995 visited the U.S. and completed training “Lutherans for Life”.
1998 officially began working for GoL.

Nina Andreychuk (Kremenets Life-Center counselor)
born on October 13, 1956 in Kremenets;
married, 3 children;
graduated from Pedagogical University in Rivne (faculty of psychology and pedagogy).
1992 found an advertisement about MCOW in local newspaper and came with her son to Ternopil to have medical check-up.
1997 began working as a volunteer for ICF “Gift of Life”.
1998 became a part-time employee in GoL.
1999 became a full time counselor for GoL.

Helen Kovalenko (Sevastopol Life-Center counselor)
born  June 3, 1953;
married, two sons.
1978 graduated from Kuban State University (Faculty of Geography) in Russia (received 2 diplomas – geography teacher and military nurse).
Moved to Sevastopol. 1994-1996 studied in Sevastopol University and graduated with applied psychology diploma.
After graduation worked as a psychological counselor in Sevastopol Social Service for Youth and Family for two years.

1998-2008 worked as a psychologist in Sevastopol Children’s Orphanage.
2008 began work with GoL as counselor.

May God bless them and their families with all the best, because they deserve! Keep up such good work, our life-seviours!

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One for All and All for One

Super helpful
rgently needed


n point
Rarely absent

Different dictionaries give different definitions of the word “support”. The most common ones are: 1) noun: a thing that bears the weight of something; 2) verb: to keep something going on. While something that supports is a secondary thing the main item cannot exist without it like a lamp or a chair, it must have support. The same can be said about Gift of Life (GoL). GoL Support Staff has five employees: accountant/office manager, manager/translator, receptionist and two driver/mechanics - but in fact they are all one single body. As you see, the position of each Support Staff member can hardly be outlined by just one word. Indeed, the more tasks people can do, the more valuable they are. This rule fits a small non-profit organization, such as GoL very well.  GoL is like a happy, friendly family which works together to help GoL help others. The Support Staff is a family within a family. It supports, cooperates with and coordinates the other family members – Medical Clinic on Wheels (MCOW) and the five pro-life centers.


One has heard a lot about these two “super stars” due to the opportunities they provide to the Ukrainian Lutheran Church and the assistance they give to needy people in Ukraine. But has anyone heard of the Support Staff?  Probably not, because they are like a fighter airplane’s ground crew. The pilot gets all the attention, but he wouldn’t get off the ground without his support staff.
Let’s see why these few people are so valuable.

vita.jpgAccountant Vita Velykoshych is office manager, secretary, translator and more. Responsible for money, banking, staff records, salaries, dozens of government reports, work orders and on and on. There are only two people working in the main GoL office that being accountant and manager. It sounds very funny when someone calls asking to talk to the fuel accountant or transportation accountant or salary accountant. Here she is – all in one!

Receptionist Halyna Pastushenchyn is a certified pro-life counselor, courier, gardener, house sitter and many other things. While the clinics are located in Ternopil, GoL headquarters, she is the receptionist. You would have a hard time finding a kinder person when dealing with needy people – very sympathetic, always trying to help,  patient when listening to needs and complaints, checking with scrupulous accurately the needy people’s certificates thereby reaching the most needy from distant corners of the region.halya.jpg

guys.jpgDrivers Vasyl Mazurok and Andriy Dyachok are maintenance guys, technical coordinators and whatever else we need. They keep the almost 22-year old mobile clinics in top condition. The same is done with GoL property. There is hardly a thing they cannot do themselves. We rarely need to hire outsiders, which helps GoL to stay in budget. They both are perfectionists whether mechanics, driving or remodeling, painting, tiling, welding, metal work, wood work …. and even antiques restoration. These two guys, like the other Support Staff members, also assist GoL administration, Nick and Kerry Laper.

Manager/Translator, Nadiya Khodzinska is the humble scribe of this article. I am responsible for oral and written translation, managing GoL staff, developing MCOW traveling schedules, trouble shooting, updating the web site, public relations, and coordinating work of pro-life-centers including developing their budgets. I have been working at GoL for five short years. During this era my job became the main focus of my life. However, the Lord gave me my own “gift of life” and I will be taking maternity leave soon to care for this precious gift from God.nadya_2.jpg

The Support Staff know the work of GoL from inside. We know well the efforts which are taken by its administration and sponsors to make this organization -which helps thousands of people each year-- possible. We are thankful for paid jobs and at the same time, opportunity to glorify God by doing good work at GoL.  May God also bless you who do a good thing in supporting this mission!

Nadiya Khodzinska,
GoL Manager
Ternopil, Ukraine
May 8, 2013

Editor’s notes: The author of this article delivered a son, Bogdan (gift from God) on May 28, 2013, three months premature, weighing only two pounds. At this writing, he remains in the neonatal intensive care unit and is expected to go home in August. Please keep Nadiya and her family in your prayers.


Foreign based humanitarian projects should, at some point, transition to the nationals. Trustworthy, loyal staff, such as those mentioned in this article, allow GoL administration to spend additional time stateside or -- on another project. Given time, and Lord willing, Ukrainians themselves will run GoL in the future.


Alina Konkulovska trained for and aptly took over the manager position.

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The 21st MCOW Traveling Season Opened!

As usual in April the Medical Clinic on Wheels (MCOW) started one more traveling season. The buses have already made three stops! This year the starting point was Ternopil Special School (for children with special needs) and High School #15. MCOW doctors spent two weeks there and examined all kids, teaching them how to lead a healthy way of life. Moreover, all children had a unique opportunity to hear God’s Word, because, as you remember, ULC Deaconess always travels with our clinics.


The next stop was Brody (Lviv region) where WCOW stayed for almost the whole month of May. Not only the local citizens received medical and dental aid but the Brody district council provided free transportation for needy people from nearby villages. Therefore, they also had a chance to get professional care.


Now the American miracle on wheels is in Radekhiv (Lviv region) where a lot of needy people are still waiting for spiritual and physical help. We are very thankful to our sponsors from the States for making this mission possible!

May God bless all of you!

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Shoe Box Gifts

It’s always so great to see the smiling faces and happy eyes of children who receive some presents. Thankfully to the coordinator of the national leadership team (NLT) "Samaritan's Purse" Sergei Kachan, our Gift of Life counseling centers managed to receive gifts for our crisis and needy clients and their children. For the first time Ukraine learned about "Samaritan's Purse" in 1995. Since then, more than 5 million Ukrainian children received the gifts from "Samaritan's Purse". This year the kids of our crisis clients also became the lucky ones to get the shoe box gifts. Our consultants already gave some gifts out which was a pleasant surprise and will give out more at Easter time (this year Ukraine celebrates Ester in May). Thank you very much to Sergei Kachan for this wonderful opportunity.


national leadership team   time ukraine   needy clients   smiling faces   ukrainian children   
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Good People Do Exist

Charity is some real help of one person or a group of people. Charity is when you provide some material or financial help or some other kind of help and don’t expect anything instead.
Of course, we help people. But there are also people who help us. First of all we have the major sponsors in the United States who make it possible for our fund to exist. It is very pleasant that there appear more and more small sponsors here in Ukraine who surprise us with their kindness and generosity.
This time we want to thank Sergiy Savchyshyn for helping our "Medical Clinic on Wheels" (MCOW). Let's start with the fact that Sergiy always finds time to help MCOW with computer software free of charge. He lives near the clinics and can see the huge number of people who receive the free aid. Recently we asked him to improve patient registration program, because it was very slow and has been taking too much time. Sergiy came but could not help the problem as the laptops were too old to allow the necessary improvements. Instead he donated a brand new laptop and a router and improved the program.
Being asked, why he made such a generous gesture and continues to help for free, Sergiy said, "I want to make a small input into your great job." These generous gifts made the work of the clinics better! So we all want to thank Sergiy for his time, kindness and efforts.



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