The mission The mission
The mission of Gift of Life is to enlarge and strengthen the body of Christ by providing opportunities for the Ukrainian Lutheran Church to proclaim God's word. This ministry advocates Christian love and a wholesome life for the people of Ukraine, including the unborn, and especially for the family of believers.
International Charitable Fund Gift of Life International Charitable Fund Gift of Life
Gift of Life (GoL) has five pro-life counseling centers in Ukraine. They are located in the cities of Ternopil, Sevastopol, Kremenets and two in Kyiv - Left Bank Life Center and Right Bank Life Center.
Our history Our history
Gift of Life began as Medical Clinic on Wheels (MCOW) in 1992. Support from the Evangelical Lutheran Synod mission society, Thoughts of Faith Inc., together with the late Dr. Stephen Dudiak made this Ukrainian outreach possible. Children exposed to the nuclear catastrophe at Chernobyl were the first to receive treatments. Since those days 150,000 Ukrainian children and adults have benefited from MCOW.
Material Aid Material Aid
Baby and maternity clothing are given to pregnant women to help them and to show them Christian care. Gift of Life (GoL) also assists these women by supplying them with prenatal vitamins.
Material Aid Material Aid
Donations of new/used clothing, footwear and hygiene products are gathered and shipped from the United States to Ukraine by Thoughts of Faith. Gift of Life distributes the aid to needy people in Ukraine through the Lutheran Church congregations, counseling centers and other reliable institutions.
God God
The Christian Lutheran connection is evident to clients who visit the clinics, counseling centers and to those who receive material aid. They have an opportunity to hear God's word. Many women have their babies baptized into the family of believers. Gift of Life provides opportunities to the Ukrainian Lutheran Church to proclaim God's love found in Jesus Christ.
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Prayer for Ukraine


With the initiative of public youth organization “Youth Choir Society” in 2006 there was held the first international festival of spiritual songs called Kremenets Choir Evenings Ave Maria. This year the festival in Kremenets was special as it was its’ 10-th anniversary plus its’ topic was “Prayer for Ukraine”. On May 10th when Ukraine celebrated Mother’s Day, one of the festival participants – Drohobych governmental music college Choir named after Barvinskyi - visited Lord’s Cross congregation of the Ukrainian Lutheran Church in Kremenets. At first Choir representatives attended the liturgy and then listened to and applauded to ULC Sunday School students who greeted the congregation on Mother’s Day with their poems and songs. In their turn, the Choir presented the beautiful songs of Ukrainian and foreign authors. The holiday was very pleasant and friendly.

Nina Andreychuk,
Gift of Life pro-life counselor
Kremenets, Ukraine

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New Year, New Records and New Clients

Greetings in the New 2015 year!

Now Ukrainians are not wishing one another a happy year but they wish a peaceful year which in their understanding includes happiness and any other blessings.

2014 was a very difficult year for Ukraine and Ukrainians therefore Gift of Life help was needed probably more than ever in the new millennium. In 2014 GoL Medical Clinic on Wheels visited 15 different places and had over 11,000 visits which was a new record. Among those visiting the clinics were Tatar refugees from Crimea, regular refugees from the Eastern regions of the country and lately, soldiers on leave and their families. That is a new category of patients for MCOW which GoL is happy to provide help to. Even though our clinics are not physically located on the territory of war action, they are able to help the people involved at its regular headquarters in Ternopil region.
Military men and their families visiting MCOW in Ternopil

Due to generous donations from the United States and now from Ukraine too - we can afford helping adults as well as children. Thank you to all the GoL donors!

While the clinics provide physical help to poverty stricken and needy Ukrainians, GoL pro-life centers faced with a big need for psychological and spiritual support to refugee women from the east of Ukraine as well as local female population whose husbands, sons, fathers are gone for months as involved in the war action while they are home pregnant or left alone with the small kids.

So let’s pray together for a blessed and peaceful year for Ukraine and its people. Your mutual support will assist in overcoming the challenges in 2015!

GoL manager
Nadiya Khodzinska

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More Sun, Flowers and Peace!

Dear friends!
Gift of Life clinics and life-centers will be closed for vacation from August 9th through September 7th. It is time to get inspiration for those who usually make others inspired :)
We wish you more sunshine, flowers and peace in Ukraine and anywhere else!

Handwork and crafts at MCOW

A flower hand made out of the saved babies' pictures. LBLC, Kyiv.

More sun and smiles from MCOW visitors

Gift of Life team

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We are Learning about Jesus and His Most Important Work

«We love because he first loved us» (1 John 4:19)

Very often in our life routine we waste time on minor things which at the moment turn out to be very important for us. Time flies and then we see that this or that thing was not worth rushing around. As the Gospel from Luke says: “Martha, Martha, you are worried and upset about many things, but only one thing is needed…” (Luke 10:41-42).

Children should be taught how to love from their early childhood. We can talk and explain about true love to children as well as adults. A couple months ago Gift of Life counseling centers got the first book of the Bible Teachings Series called Jesus the Christ. It is a self-study course about Jesus and His most important work. Our counselors have the opportunity to share this book with others.

Here are the first comments we heard from people: “Jesus the Christ book is written in a plain language, very easy to read and understand. It consists of 5 chapters. Every chapter has a test. It is very good that there are answers to the chapter tests as one can check himself. The book helps to learn the truth about who Jesus the Christ was and why He is so important. We are looking forward to getting new books from the Bible Teachings Series”.

So it did not take long and the following book was printed. That one is called a Bible Handbook. It is a self-study course about the main message of the Bible. “Whoever does God’s will is my brother and sister and mother” (Mark 3:35). Kremenets life-center clients discuss the book very actively and share their impressions. They ask the pastor to clarify and explain what they did not understand.

All our workers and clients of Gif of Life are thankful to the authors and publishers and sponsors of the Bible Teachings Series books.

Nina Andreychuk,
GoL pro-life counselor
Kremenets, Ukraine

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The Warmest Holiday

Mother’s Day is considered to be the warmest holiday as there is no person in the whole world that would be warmer, closer and more precious than a mother. A mother is usually associated with the warmth, kindness and tender hands. 

From ancient times a woman has been surrounded by the aureola of motherhood. The vital role of a mother-woman is to give life to a little one, to save her child from all the troubles and

Mother’s Day is the international holiday celebrated in Ukraine and 23 more countries on the second Sunday in May. For the first time Ukrainian Mother’s Day was celebrated by the Union of Ukrainians in Canada in 1928. Then people all over Ukraine started to celebrate this day but in 1939 it was prohibited by the Soviets. Since 1990 Mother’s Day has been widely celebrated in Ukraine and in 1999 it became an official holiday announced by the president of Ukraine.

This year Mother’s Day was sincerely celebrated at the Ukrainian Lutheran Church in Kremenets. After the church service Sunday school visitors greeted the congregation on this warm event with the songs, poems, flowers and hugs.

GoL pro-life counselor
Nina Andreychuk
Kremenets, Ukraine

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