The mission The mission
The mission of Gift of Life is to enlarge and strengthen the body of Christ by providing opportunities for the Ukrainian Lutheran Church to proclaim God's word. This ministry advocates Christian love and a wholesome life for the people of Ukraine, including the unborn, and especially for the family of believers.
International Charitable Fund Gift of Life International Charitable Fund Gift of Life
Gift of Life (GoL) has five pro-life counseling centers in Ukraine. They are located in the cities of Ternopil, Sevastopol, Kremenets and two in Kyiv - Left Bank Life Center and Right Bank Life Center.
Our history Our history
Gift of Life began as Medical Clinic on Wheels (MCOW) in 1992. Support from the Evangelical Lutheran Synod mission society, Thoughts of Faith Inc., together with the late Dr. Stephen Dudiak made this Ukrainian outreach possible. Children exposed to the nuclear catastrophe at Chernobyl were the first to receive treatments. Since those days 150,000 Ukrainian children and adults have benefited from MCOW.
Material Aid Material Aid
Baby and maternity clothing are given to pregnant women to help them and to show them Christian care. Gift of Life (GoL) also assists these women by supplying them with prenatal vitamins.
Material Aid Material Aid
Donations of new/used clothing, footwear and hygiene products are gathered and shipped from the United States to Ukraine by Thoughts of Faith. Gift of Life distributes the aid to needy people in Ukraine through the Lutheran Church congregations, counseling centers and other reliable institutions.
God God
The Christian Lutheran connection is evident to clients who visit the clinics, counseling centers and to those who receive material aid. They have an opportunity to hear God's word. Many women have their babies baptized into the family of believers. Gift of Life provides opportunities to the Ukrainian Lutheran Church to proclaim God's love found in Jesus Christ.
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Dear brothers and sisters in Christ,

If you consider sending us any material aid please note that our shipping directions had changed. Please go to Shipping to Ukraine which is on the main menu on the left side of the page and read shipping directions carefully. Dowloading and reading Shipping by Sea and/or Shipping by Air directions available in Word documents is super important.

Thank you!

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All together – for the family!

This was the name and the motto of the Family Festival which took place in Kyiv on June 3 and 4, 2017. “Gift of Life” counselors Svitlana Leshchenko and Anna Kuchma with the volunteers of their pro-life centers happily participated in it. At first in the central streets of the capital city there went a pro-life and pro-family march which was a few kilometers long. There also came many families with children and youth from the other cities of Ukraine.

Family March. Counselor Svitlana with the Give Life poster in the picture to the left.
Counselors Anna and Svitlana with one of the Festival participants wearing a shirt with the Bible verses about love at the back
(1 Corinthians 13:4-8).

Then the two-days Festival continued in a nice friendly atmosphere on the Dnieper river bank, traditionally at the Postal Square. It was creative, interesting and joyful.
Our volunteer (a doctor) Svitlana Honcharova wearing a costume of a stork

Mostly Gift of Life location was appealing to parents, children and youth. Gift of Life representatives worked fruitfully and with pleasure. Many visitors were curious to know how life looks like before birth.

There were many questions from those who cannot get pregnant. Our counselors gave out different flyers and brochures, Prayers for Mothers in particular, Bible Series books. Everyone was allowed to hold our fetal models and every pregnant woman received from Gift of Life a little gift.

Gift of Life workers received sincere words of gratitude from the Festival visitors, in our turn we are sending many thanks to the “All together- for the Family” Movement which takes a lot of efforts to make Ukrainian families strong and happy.

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Three in One

Every traveling season our Medical Clinic on Wheels visits about 14 different places. Every year we get more new places to visit and more new patients. Even though Ternopil Region borders with the Rivne one, for 25 years of clinic work, we started going to Rivne Region only within last couple years. Last year the clinic covered Dubno District. This year the clinic is already located in Pidloztsi village and is scheduled to go to Boremel village, both in Rivne Region.
Head physician/therapist Dr.Laryssa Chorna
teaches about digestive system.
In the village of Pidloztsi.

At the new places little patients merrily greet our staff and meet the miracle-buses with great interest. Someone says that they are unique, someone calls them educational, some say medicinal, some say Christian. And all of that is true.
GoL Dentist teaches children about mouth hygiene
and gives out calendars with cleaning teeth time-tables.

In what other institutions of healthcare can you get help 3 in 1? We simultaneously care about health of the teeth, health of the body in general and spiritual health of our patients. Everything according to the Bible principle “My body is a Temple of Holy Spirit”!
Ukrainian Lutheran Church Deaconess Lyudmyla Voichunas talks about
value and sanctity of human life.

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Alina's Introduction to Life Center Work

Alina Taranenko used to work at Gift of Life as a translator more than 15 years ago. Then she got inspired by the pro-life work Gift of Life does and became a mother of the two beautiful girls. Since then Alina has been working as the English teacher and has been a good friend to GoL and a devoted member of the Ukrainian Lutheran church. Recently Alina got interested in the work GoL does in the pro-life area and got familiar more deeply with what our pro-life counselors do. Here is what Alina had to share after visiting our 4 prolife- centers:

"I just want to share my impressions and a great experience I got in Gift of Life centers.

grand_grandmother_at_the_rblc.jpgAt the RBLC,
Here is humanitarian aid for
a young mother given through
her grandmother. That's right -
this is a great grandmother
in the photo.
A woman with 3 children was
provided assistance too.

There were 2 women from the organization which helps mothers in crisis situation and finds social dwelling for them. They were given clothes and books.

alina_and_tree_of_life_1.jpgIt was a great pleasure to meet counselor Svitlana from the LBLC, Kyiv. Her instructions were clear and purposeful.

The young lady is the one we met at the meeting with AbAnon director (Abortion Anonymous). She's going to move to Ternopil and start working with this organization.

The office in Kremenets is fantastic.  Pleasant people - counselor Nina as well as psychologist from the college and volunteer Svitlana.

Nice displays. A great variety of materials for different cases. A lot to learn in using all the instruments to drive people in correct direction.

The last life-center I visited was the one in Ternopil. I started from attending School of Father and a few group counseling sessions. I met counselor Nadiya and volunteer Khrystyna (professional physical exercise teacher).

It was real practical training for me. I wish I had such lessons when I was pregnant. Thank you for the opportunity to visit all the places. Alina”.

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Summer on Wheels 2016

Warm season of the year is always a busy one for the Medical Clinic on Wheels. The medical and dental personnel not only examine patients but travel from site to site every time carefully packing and unpacking equipment, cleaning the buses inside and out, setting up materials and other. Most of the staff has families and children although the major part of the year they take care of many families and children from different regions of Ukraine. From the beginning of April through the end of July 2016 the Medical Clinic on Wheels has been to 8 different places. In each place hundreds of needy patients were provided medical and dental services as well as healthcare teaching, treated with the special attitude and little useful gifts and what is more important – all received the Good News.
Pro-life counselor Nina with the clinic patients in Kremenets town, Ternopil Region

Dentist Maryana teaching about the mouth hygiene in Semyduby village, Rivne Region

Deaconess Lyudmyla evangelising and talking on pro-life topics with the children who arrived in the far West of Ukraine - city of Uzhgorod, Zakarpatia Region - from the war zone in the far East.

Now it is the time for a well-deserved vacation. The entire organization closes for the month of August and will start fresh in September when all the kids are back from their holidays.

Nadiya Khodzinska

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