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Medical Clinic on Wheels: 1992-2012
Gift of Life started its work as the Medical Clinic on Wheels in 1992. At that time thousands of people gathered on the Theater Square of Ternopil City to look at the American miracle on wheels.
20 years: is it a long or a short period of time? If you go back to the times of Creation and life of Adam and Eve - probably 20 years is a very short period of time. But if you think how many children were born during this time, how many people died, how many unborn babies were saved with the help of GoL counseling centers, how many patients were seen at GoL clinics - probably 20 years is a lot.

In April 2012 MCOW 20th Anniversary was celebrated stateside. In September MCOW commemorated its big event in Ukraine. On September 8th Medical Clinic on Wheels was located on the Theater Square in Ternopil like it was 20 years ago. This day the clinics did not see any patients but offered the tours inside of the big buses.
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Posted on Thursday 27 September 2012 - 16:23:51