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Do Good!
Real spring has come to Ukraine and Medical Clinic on Wheels opened its’ traveling season. Ternopil Special School was the first place to visit in 2010. The School is called Special because children with special needs study there and they need a special approach.
Special School - the First Place Visited in 2010
This special approach can be expressed only by two short words: “Tvorit Dobro!” which means “Do Good!” Everybody at the School knows it very well because it is their motto (written in blue above the main entrance to the school)

Do Good

These words are very familiar to Gift of Life. Gift of Life was created specifically to do good to Ukrainian people. ULC (Ukrainian Lutheran Church) Deaconess Lyudmyla who travels with the clinics has been always following this principle. Doing good is impossible without sincere smile…
Everybody Knows ULC Deaconess Lyudmyla

“The Life of Jesus Christ” books are given to the patients. Jesus Christ by His own deeds showed the best example of how to do good to people. Deaconees Lyudmyla always tells about it to MCOW patients tak...[more]
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Ternopil Life-Center

Ternopil 46008
Ruska Street 19 #67
Tel.: (0352) 25-44-67
Counselor Nadiya Khominska

Pro-life activity in Ternopil began with volunteer efforts of Ternopil members of the Ukrainian Lutheran Church (ULC) in 1993. 
Starting from 1998 Ternopil Life-Center has been working as a part of the officially registered International Charitable Fund 'Gift of Life'.
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Counseling and Saving Lives

One of the most important tasks of GoL counselors is to help pregnant women in crisis and save babies’ lives. Thousands and thousands of babies have been saved due to the work of GoL counselors. God works in a miracle way and GoL counselors try to send this message to each client. GoL clients are taught to love and trust their Lord and Savior and their lives will change dramatically. Very many life stories of GoL clients can witness about that. Here are two most recent ones:

Ternopil LC client Marianna could not feel happiness of being a mother because of marriage treason and other difficulties. Becoming a single mother did not make any good to that. Sisters in Christ from GoL life-center and Ukrainian Lutheran Church tried to support and help Marianna in each possible way.  Due to the God’s grace and love Marianna became married. She gained a nice husband who became a real father to her daughter.

For the first time Alla came to Sevastopol life-center in spring 2010. At that time...[more]
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God's Word

We care both for your physical and spiritual health.

The Christian Lutheran connection is evident to clients who visit the clinics, counseling centers and to those who receive material aid. They have an opportunity to hear God's word. Many women have their babies baptized into the family of believers. Gift of Life provides opportunities to the Ukrainian Lutheran Church to proclaim God's love found in Jesus Christ.

A Ukrainian Lutheran Church deaconess accompanies the clinics. She conducts children's bible classes and activities. The Deaconess promotes Lutheranism while distributing Bibles, Christian literature and magazines.


To learn more about the Ukrainian Lutheran Church visit: (English:
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GoL Counselors: Education and Public Relations
Often times GoL counselors are invited to a TV channel or Radio to give some press and speak on pro-life topics. Ocasionally they participate in different conferences or trainings to declare about GoL, gain more cooperation with other organizations and improve their own skills. Kyiv LB counselor, Svitlana Leshchenko, is the Ukrainian Lutheran Church (ULC) representative in the Public Rada for the Ministry of Healthcare. In September Svitlana presented a paper “Motivating Women to Choose L...[more]
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«Whoever Loves Discipline Loves Knowledge…»

“All Scripture is God-breathed and is useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting and training in righteousness” (2 Timothy 3:16)

Bible Studies have been conducted at GoL Kremenets pro-life center for more than 10 years. The day of the week (Thursday) and time (2:00 pm) has been unchanged. Even if some clients did not have opportunity or need to come to the LC for a long period of time, they know for sure that they are welcome to join the group at the usual time and day. Bible Studies at Kremenets life center are usually conducted by Ukrainian Lutheran Church (ULC) Pastor Roman Andruntsiv. GoL clients, usually women, can get answers to questions they are very concerned about, they can ask the pastor to teach and explain something they don’t understand. As the Proverbs say: “He who listens to a life-giving rebuke will be at home among the wise” (Proverbs 15:31).

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Vacation Bible School in Kremenets, Ukraine

For several years in a row, volunteers from the USA have been visiting the old town of Kremenets. Every year children and youth from Kremenets look forward to meeting them and the summer of 2009 was no exception. On Friday, July 3, a group of 7 volunteers arrived in Kremenets. On Sunday they attended the service in Ukrainian Lutheran Church and became acquainted with the members of Lord's Cross congregation. 

Lessons began on Monday. Each morning children were in a hurry to get to church in time for the lessons. There were 4 groups of children more than 120 in total every day. As in years past, a Gift of Life pro-life counselor conducted presentations for all of them. Children had an opportunity to become familiar with the work of Gift of Life and to learn about prenatal development of a baby. Children were invited to visit the life center to learn more about "How They Began" - the miracle of life and God's plan for each of them. 


Volunteers from the US also visited the Gift of L...[more]
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One for All and All for One
Super helpful
rgently needed


n point
Rarely absent

Different dictionaries give different definitions of the word “support”. The most common ones are: 1) noun: a thing that bears the weight of something; 2) verb: to keep something going on. While something that supports is a secondary thing the main item cannot exist without it like a lamp or a chair, it must have support. The same can be said about Gift of Life (GoL). ...[more]
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Welcoming the most needy

When I was in a great need, He saved me. (Psalm 116:6)

Medical Clinic on Wheels (MCOW) of International Charitable Fund 'Gift of Life' is working hard trying to reach out to the most needy people of Ukraine with free dental care and health screening. New Reception/Scheduling program introduced at the clinic in 2006 has proven to be rather effective in fulfilling our mission to serve the poorest of the poor. Besides regular business tasks like answering phone-calls and scheduling appointments, the work of receptionist at the clinic includes posting ads about medical services offered by Gift of Life, and meeting with Directors of various institutions (Red Cross Society, specialized schools, kindergartens etc.) developing lists of orphans, invalids and other challenged groups of local population. Then all these people receive a phone call from our clinic with an invitation to come, and use our free medical services. This is a very personal approach that appeals to our needy patients.


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