successful breastfeeding

The Best for Your Baby

Relations between a mother and a baby begin to form very early, maybe even when a future mother is only thinking about having a baby.

The happiness of your baby coming into the world cannot be even compared with anything else. Every family, every mother wants to provide the best conditions for growth and development of her baby. Every mother can give her baby the best which is – breast milk.

The secret of successful breastfeeding is very simple: it is MOTHER’S DESIRE TO BREASTFEED.

Yet before the baby is born many women come to School of Motherhood classes conducted by Gift of Life in order to learn the basics and advantages of breastfeeding. Clients learn the rules of successful breastfeeding, get familiar with different poses when nursing, how to hold your baby correctly when nursing, etc.
Learning the basics of breastfeedingBreastfeeding poses*

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Posted on Tuesday 11 December 2012 - 12:03:26