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Save Life Show 2010

This fall “Save Life” show took place in Kyiv for the third time. The show was organized by the Director of public organization “Truth” and American-Ukrainian singer Nadiya Gordynska. GoL counselors of Kyiv life-centers Svitlana Leshchenko and Anna Kuchma participated in the show for the second time. 

Svitlana Showing Fetal ModelsAnna Giving out Flyers
Kyiv Counselors Svitlana and Anna Teaching and Counseling at the Show

This year the show was conducted at some Universities in Kyiv and Cherkassy (the other big city near Kyiv).
University in CherkassySave Life Group with GoL Counselors of Kyiv Life-Centers and Volunteer Victoria with Her Small Daughter, the City of Cherkassy.
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Posted on Tuesday 16 November 2010 - 14:31:03