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Save a Life
Kyiv citizens are exhausted by long and difficult winter known for its’ flu quarantines and severe temperatures. It seems that people are weak and completely indifferent to everything. Although not everybody is “cold-blooded” – there are people who cannot keep silent and maintain aloofness when in Kyiv - according to the official statistics - there are two abortions for each birth!

Actors, musicians, journalists, students, teachers, psychologists, doctors - God gathered all of them at the Polytechnical University of Kyiv - one of the biggest universities in Ukraine. About 300 students accepted the offer of the Social Service of the University and stayed after the classes  in order to attend “Save a Life” show. The students got the opportunity to think over their present concerns – relations with a person of opposite sex, unplanned pregnancy, sin of abortion, beauty of life and importance of being with God.
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Due to the huge experience in the pro-life field Gift of Life cou...[more]
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Kyiv Right Bank Life-Center

Kyiv 01032
Vetrova Street 7 #1
Tel/fax: (044) 235-10-98
Counselor Anna Kuchma

At the end of 1994 a group of ULC volunteers called 'Ukrainian Lutherans for Life' began its work in Kyiv. They have been studying in the USA, visited American Life-Centers, got interesting materials, acquired necessary skills and began to conduct presentations about value and sanctity of human life in medical and educational institutions. Active pro-life work has begun.

In 1996 with Lord's mercy a wonderful and cozy life-center on the Right Bank appeared. In 1998 this Life-Center was registered as one of ICF Gift of Life divisions.

During that time more than 10 years GoL counselors have been successfully cooperating with teachers, psychologists, social workers, doctors, representatives of other Christian confessions who also support the idea of protection of human life.

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