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Good People Do Exist
Charity is some real help of one person or a group of people. Charity is when you provide some material or financial help or some other kind of help and don’t expect anything instead.
Of course, we help people. But there are also people who help us. First of all we have the major sponsors in the United States who make it possible for our fund to exist. It is very pleasant that there appear more and more small sponsors here in Ukraine who surprise us with their kindness and generosity.
This time we want to thank Sergiy Savchyshyn for helping our "Medical Clinic on Wheels" (MCOW). Let's start with the fact that Sergiy always finds time to help MCOW with computer software free of charge. He lives near the clinics and can see the huge number of people who receive the free aid. Recently we asked him to improve patient registration program, because it was very slow and has been taking too much time. Sergiy came but co...[more]
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Posted on Friday 12 April 2013 - 17:50:11