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Counseling and Saving Lives

One of the most important tasks of GoL counselors is to help pregnant women in crisis and save babies’ lives. Thousands and thousands of babies have been saved due to the work of GoL counselors. God works in a miracle way and GoL counselors try to send this message to each client. GoL clients are taught to love and trust their Lord and Savior and their lives will change dramatically. Very many life stories of GoL clients can witness about that. Here are two most recent ones:

Ternopil LC client Marianna could not feel happiness of being a mother because of marriage treason and other difficulties. Becoming a single mother did not make any good to that. Sisters in Christ from GoL life-center and Ukrainian Lutheran Church tried to support and help Marianna in each possible way.  Due to the God’s grace and love Marianna became married. She gained a nice husband who became a real father to her daughter.

For the first time Alla came to Sevastopol life-center in spring 2010. At that time...[more]
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Kyiv Left Bank Life-Center

Kyiv 01032
Verbytskoho Street 56 #100
Tel.: (044) 562-82-53
Counselor Svitlana Leshchenko

Kyiv Left Bank Life-Center is the youngest Gift of Life life-center in Ukraine. This Life-Center was opened in Central District Polyclinic of Darnytskyi region in Kyiv.

Kiev Left Bank Life-Center closely cooperates with Women Counseling Centers, Children Polyclinics, Centre of Family Medicine, Maternity Hospital, Department Dealing with Issues that Concern Young People of Kiev Regional Administration, different educational institutions, etc.
Many doctors refer their clients to our Life-Center for counseling sessions. Such cooperation helps us to successfully conduct our programs. It also gives our clients an opportunity to benefit from free medical aid and professional counseling. It is especially important for people from rural areas who come to Kyiv to get a job; numbers of such people who come to our center are just amazing.
Don't hesitate. Visit our Life-Center.

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