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2009: Summary of the Year. St.Nicholas Dinner Recipes
MCOW completed its 2009 traveling by visiting the School for Disadvantaged Children in Shyrokyi Lan, Mykolaiv Southern Ukraine; Strusiv School for Orphans, Ternopil Region; Nove Selo Orphanage, Ternopil Region; Village of Koshlaky, Ternopil Region; and the Village of Kachanivka, Ternopil Region before returning to home base where the clinics operate from a specially constructed garage for winter months.

While it is more convenient and less expensive for MCOW to travel closer to home in Ternopil Region there are worthwhile reasons to travel further. The School for Disadvantaged Children located in Mykolaiv Region is one of them. Headmaster of the School Tetyana Fiks has always been thankful and appreciative and the school children are really in need.  It is important for them to know that Jesus loves them and they learn about Jesus through the Deaconess and the various materials she provides such as the Good News magazine.
School for Disadvantaged Children in Shyrokyi Lan, Mykolaiv  Region
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Posted on Friday 12 February 2010 - 14:30:50