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Confirmation and Deacon Courses
In January of 2010 there took place a very important event: GoL Counselor Helen Kovalenko became a confirmed member of ULC. It happened right on Ukrainian Christmas that is January 7th.
Here is what Helen has to share about her confirmation:

Born Again

I have a thin tiny book in my hands. It is the “Small Catechism of Martin Luther”. I am very excited about it. Now I definitely know that every word of this small, deep, concise book is penetrated with God’s grace and love.

It's hard to believe, now, that a year ago - when I became familiar with this book - it didn't make a big impression on me. Last year Pastor Oleh Yukhymenko started to lead me, like a blind kitten,through the pages of the Catechism. In a kind and patient way he explained the meaning of each sacred word to me. I was learning not only God’s truth but also about myself. This book did not seem to be small to me anymore; it started as a streamlet, and broadened into be a river which smoothly led me into t...[more]
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Posted on Tuesday 16 February 2010 - 18:07:15