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Breastfeeding is the Way to Improve

I'll feed you with mother's milk,
For you, my child, to grow up healthy,
In which you'll find a source of strength,
As well as mothers true love.

Olena Shlemkevych


Motherhood is an unbelievable feeling. Every young mother wants to give her child all the best. One of the list of "all the best" is certainly breastfeeding. Worldwide, about 90% of mothers of newly born children begin breastfeeding their babies, but only a few keep doing it up to 6 months and the amount of those who keep breastfeeding their children up to 2 years is even smaller.
Breastfeeding is not only about feeding the baby. It's the way of upbringing, a style of parental care and usage of the unique qualities of woman's body, a gift of the Creator. Close contact directly after birth of a child contributes to the rise of affection and love between mother and child and its continuing growth.
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Posted on Friday 01 March 2013 - 15:40:43


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