Keep up a Good Shape!
Physical exercising is important for our health. And it is extremely important to keep your body in a good shape when you are going to become a mother or just became a mother. Your baby will definitely like exercising together with you.
When holding a class Gol coulselors always remind their clients that correct breathing and relaxation are essential parts of gymnastics. GoL counselors are always around to instruct and help their clients moreover they themselves participate in the class showing example to young ladies.
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Posted on Monday 18 April 2011 - 14:31:49

The More Saved Babies - the More Happy Families
Gift of Life was created in Ukraine in order to provide help the other Ukrainians. The name of our organization is very symbolic. It may mean a lot of things but very often it is associated with the birth of a baby. When the baby is saved from abortion it is double happiness and joy for a mother, for GoL counselor and for our Lord. GoL counselors meet a lot of people, conduct many various programs and presentations but the most important thing in their ministry is to counsel women in crisis and save unborn lives. Over the years thousands of babies were saved through the counseling at GoL life-centers. Here are just some of them born in 2011

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Posted on Monday 18 April 2011 - 15:45:48


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