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Pleasant Guests at Pleasant Radio

On February 25th we, Gift of Life counselors of Kyiv pro-life centers, gave an interview at Christian Radio Station “Emmanuel”. The name of the program was “Pleasant Guests at Pleasant Radio”.

Radio Station Emmanuel

Dmytro, the emcee of live broadcast asked questions about our life path and Christian ministry at ULC. He was interested to know how we counsel pregnant women in crisis, whether it is difficult to persuade them to save their babies; what questions young people usually ask at our presentations; what GoL programs are the most popular now, etc.

During our conversation we also discussed the issues of HIV/AIDS prophylaxis, natural methods of family planning, partnership delivery and healing from post-abortion syndrome. It was difficult for us to talk about saved babies without getting very emotional because each saved baby is a little wonder for us. When a baby is born all the problems the mother encountered at the beginning of her pregnancy seem to be unimportant. It was essential for us to str...[more]
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Posted on Wednesday 17 March 2010 - 12:15:36