charlie chaplin

A Gypsy Christmas

 The Great Exchange
Two gypsies appeared before the Pearly Gates. St. Peter frowned, “You guys are looking for Nirvana- second gate – down.” “No,” they said, “we want to come into heaven.” “But you guys are Hindus!” said St. Peter. “No,” they said, we’re ELS Lutherans.” “Look, I know you,” Peter said. “You’re Hindus-second gate-down!” “No,” the gypsies chorused again, “we want to get into heaven. Can’t you please ask God for us?” So, St. Peter reluctantly marched off and presented their case. Astounded, he heard God say, “Well, I suppose we could give it a try- let them in.” So, St. Peter marched sedately back from the throne…but moments later came racing back with hair and beard streaming behind, shouting “they’re gone, they’re gone!” “The gypsies are gone?” God asked. “No! The Pearly Gates!”

Gypsy immediately brings to mind stereotypes. Fortune telling, horse trading and traveling caravans are part of the profile. Bu...[more]
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Posted on Thursday 29 December 2011 - 13:23:45


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