Simple Pouch Sling Directions

Simple Pouch Sling
Quick to make
Easy to use
Folds up small (great to keep in your diaper bag)
Materials Needed :
1. Two yards of 45”-wide bottom weight material*
2. Matching thread
3. Scissors OR rotary tool & self-healing mat
4. Sewing machine
*Two yards will make two slings. Cut in half length-wise and use one half.
Level of difficulty:
——— = cut
-------- = stitch
= mark
1. Cut fabric in half length-wise
2. Fold fabric in half width-wise
3. Fold fabric in half length-wise
4. Use our handy sizing calculator at Click on the link to input your measurements and get your size.
Small: 22" 26"
Medium: 24" 28"
Large: 26" 30"
Extra Large: 28" 32"
5. Use the size you got from the calculator with the measurements in the above table for the next step.
6. Mark your top & bottom measurements from the fold to the other side.
7. Cut a gentle curve (as shown) from your top to bottom measurement. Doesn’t have to be exact, just eyeball it.
8. Unfold your sling completely.
9. Hem edges.
10. Fold fabric in half width-wise, right sides together.
11. Stitch curved end closed. (If you’re using a stretch fabric, make sure to use a stretch stitch from here on.)
12. Trim seam allowance.
13. Turn sling right-side out.
14. Stitch seam. (This seam will encase the last seam you sewed.)
15. Open up the sling. Fold down and sew the little flap created by the last seam. Reinforce first and last stitches on this seam, as this point of the sling is where you get wear & tear. Voila! You just did a French Seam! This is a very sturdy and professional-looking seam.