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Welcoming the most needy

When I was in a great need, He saved me. (Psalm 116:6)

Medical Clinic on Wheels (MCOW) of International Charitable Fund 'Gift of Life' is working hard trying to reach out to the most needy people of Ukraine with free dental care and health screening. New Reception/Scheduling program introduced at the clinic in 2006 has proven to be rather effective in fulfilling our mission to serve the poorest of the poor. Besides regular business tasks like answering phone-calls and scheduling appointments, the work of receptionist at the clinic includes posting ads about medical services offered by Gift of Life, and meeting with Directors of various institutions (Red Cross Society, specialized schools, kindergartens etc.) developing lists of orphans, invalids and other challenged groups of local population. Then all these people receive a phone call from our clinic with an invitation to come, and use our free medical services. This is a very personal approach that appeals to our needy patients.


However, we try to extend our compassion beyond health problems to those that are mental and spiritual. After patients fill out their registration cards at our clinic, they are warmly welcomed by Ukrainian Lutheran Church Deaconess Ludmyla who is accompanying MCOW. While people are waiting for their appointments with doctors, they have an opportunity to hear God's Word, and learn more about Lutheran faith. Medical Clinic on Wheels provides wonderful opportunities to all local Lutherans to share their faith with others, and to help our patients realize that their greatest need is the need of Savior.

Written by Olya Tymchak
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